Open Minds Open Code: Eldohub’s Software Freedom Day 

On Saturday, September 16, 2023, the Eldohub community came together to celebrate a significant event on the tech calendar – Software Freedom Day (SFD). For those unfamiliar, SFD celebrates the ethos of free and open-source software and emphasizes the importance of community-driven software development. 

Attended by 38 young persons the day kicked off with Albert, a key member of the Eldohub team, shedding light on the Eldohub’s mission and vision. Through his presentation, attendees got an in-depth view of the wide array of services and training opportunities Eldohub offers. Albert’s call for referrals at the end of his talk was a testament to the impact Eldohub wishes to create in the wider tech community in Kenya and beyond. 

Sarah, Eldohub’s Digital lead succinctly shared about Sasakazi (Now Work), a jobs linkages platform, which is supporting thousands of young tech professionals to access digital and digital-enabled jobs with Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises in Kenya and beyond the borders. Launched in June 2023,  Sasakazi is considered a key achievement in job creation in Kenya, enabling thousands of unemployed youth to find tech jobs in Kenya and abroad.

The main speaker of the day, Clifford Ouma, began with a spirited discussion on open-source software. Attendees were introduced to essential tools required to contribute to open-source projects, emphasizing the democratized nature of open-source contributions. What followed after the presentation was arguably the most exhilarating part of the day; a  hands-on session where all attendees collaboratively contributed to a demo project on GitHub. This practical approach demonstrated the essence of open-source contributions and showcased the collaborative spirit that drives such projects.

Photo – Attendees contributing to the demo project

After a well-deserved snack break – the main speaker resumed, guiding attendees on selecting open-source projects aligned with their interests. He beautifully underscored the merits of contributing to these projects, further instilling a sense of purpose and community.

The day wrapped up with an interactive and enlightening Q&A session, spearheaded by Albert. The atmosphere was charged with curiosity, and the questions posed reflected the deep engagement of the attendees.

As the event concluded, there was a palpable sense of achievement. The Eldohub team received numerous inquiries about their services and even struck up potential collaborations, a testament to the event’s success with 8 expressing an interest in joining Eldohubs programs in the future. 

To echo Albert’s sentiments, the day was indeed impactful, filled with knowledge-sharing and community-building. Here’s to hoping that the seeds sown on this day will germinate into more collaboration, innovation, and tech-driven solutions for the community and young men and women, working to break into the digital work sector nationally and globally.

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