Monthly Archives: February 2022

In the growth process of every organization, looking back and evaluating progress is a critical step. The dynamics in the business world cannot allow a business to carry on with its journey the way it started. Competition, new technologies, dynamic market, partners and  changing investor preferences will always push an organisation to redesign the approach to reach the desired end. (more…)
The digital economy is taking shape and undermining conventional notions about how businesses are structured; how firms interact; and how consumers obtain services, information, and goods. This is reflected in all sectors around the globe. Kenya has not been left behind. With every passing year, new technologies and services are emerging and digital technologies are becoming the cornerstones of our daily activities. The central and local governments, businesses, and individuals must therefore adapt to this new reality. In Kenya, the ministry of ICT, through the Konza Technopolis Development Authority (KOTDA), a key flagship project of Kenya’s Vision 2030 economic development portfolio, is playing a critical role in making the digital economy a reality. The KoTDA CEO Eng. John Tanui, during a visit to Eldoret Golf Club, where he attended the 3rd #KonzaInvestsTeeingGolfSeries aimed at engaging both prospective local and foreign investors to accelerate the development of the smart city, paid a courtesy call to Eldohub on 13th December 2021. In his remarks, he emphasized the quadruple Helix Model of innovation that recognizes four major actors in the innovation system: science, policy, industry, and society. He highlighted the efforts of Konza Technopolis with partners at the regional levels to achieve greater impacts. We are looking forward to partnering with Konza Technopolis to support the future workforce and young innovators. Speaking during the visit is our Director Chepkemoi Magdaline who is also the current Chair of the Association of Countrywide Innovation Hubs, a network of all innovation hubs in Kenya. “To foster innovation in Africa we need collaboration between technology start-ups and large corporates”