Time to step up! – Rebranding EldoHub

In the growth process of every organization, looking back and evaluating progress is a critical step. The dynamics in the business world cannot allow a business to carry on with its journey the way it started. Competition, new technologies, dynamic market, partners and  changing investor preferences will always push an organisation to redesign the approach to reach the desired end.

EldoHub cannot be an exception and the time to move to the next level has come. With our energetic team; new minds in communication, technical, programme development and management, the face of EdoHub is changing – and changing for the greater good.

What has changed?

If you have been following closely, you may have noticed that over the last few years, EldoHub has become more bold, active and visible. Learn more on our website.

EldoHub was founded by the desire to bring ideas to life. Like a young tender leaf growing from a plant bearing the ability to develop, feed the whole tree and its fruits, so are the desires of many young people and women out there, tender and vulnerable, yet bearing great potential to make a difference. To build a livelihood for themselves and others and impact on the general economy. That is how the original Logo of EldoHub was born.

Four years later, EldoHub has built a brand, a brand to achieve its own vision while enhancing the visions of many young people and women in our society. This we do by a structured model that identifies potentials, and builds ideas to businesses in a technologically evolving society. Hence the new logo, with the ‘O’ in EldoHub taking the shape of an eye, symbolising a clearly visualized future. 


EldoHub continues to fly the Flag in the ICT industry in the Northrift region and beyond, by preparing youth and women to tap into the opportunities the digital economy offers and close the skills gap in Africa’s job market.

Education, Technology and Innovation remain our strong pillars. We are committed to address the needs of our target beneficiaries through a diversity of programs aimed at job creation, equity and technology. 

Our programs include:

The year 2022 began on a high note. Our CEO @Magdaline Chepkemoi was elected chairperson ( of the association of Countrywide hubs. Our clients list continues to grow, and our programmes getting increased visibility..

We are looking at building more partnerships and expanding our focus to the entire Eastern African region. We continue to work with parners such as Afrilabs, ASSEK, ACIH while internationally, we have signed an MOA with Siliman University to run joint programmes and impact on the ecosystem. Join us and be part of this exciting tech journey!

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